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Experiencing U. S. Culture


In this course, the students will directly experience U.S. culture in organized individual and group activities. The activities will be chosen to coordinate with the topics in the Contemporary U.S. Culture course.


To introduce the tacit knowledge necessary for students’ cultural adaptation

To give the students opportunities to experience U.S. culture

To increase each student’s time away from other Mandarin speakers

To reinforce the students’ learning in the Contemporary U.S. Cultures course

To provide experiences to document for the Documenting U.S. Cultures course




Tacit Knowledge

Site visits and field trips

Service Learning

Social programming


History of Buffalo

Guide books about Buffalo

Suggested Modes, Media and Techniques of Instruction

Modes: cooperative learning, experiential learning

Additional Resources

American student “buddies” – organized through Student Affairs office and Student Government, perhaps a club

Alumni and current students for extended home stays during school vacations

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