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Web presence

The students will contribute to the program’s web presence: a WordPress web site, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

Topics for in-class lecture/demo:

  • How to use the Word Press site for the students in the program
  • How to maintain a blog for each student’s writing
  • How to contribute to the YouTube channel
  • How to contribute to the Facebook page for the program

WordPress site

a blog for each student

course webs for each of the three courses

program information

discussion forum (perhaps private) for the program and for each course

This site should be in English as much as possible. All of the students’ writing in the program could find a place on each course web or find a central place on the WordPress site:

  • ESL exercises
  • written assignments for Contemporary U.S. Culture
  • reflections for Experiencing U.S. Culture
  • scripts and shot lists for Documenting U.S. Culture

YouTube channel

a central place for the students’ and program’s videos, which would all be embedded into the WordPress pages.

Facebook page

Given the social media experience that the students will bring to the program,  it is perhaps best to set up this page and then let them take it from there. If there is a Chinese site that they would prefer to use, in Mandarin, the program should encourage that, also, if not actually participate.

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