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Conversation partners

What to talk about


Where were you and your partner born? Find both on Google Earth or Google Maps.

Use Google Earth to trade guided tours of your home town, your neighborhood, and high school for tours of your partner’s home town, neighborhood, and school.

Search Google Images using each other’s city as a search term. Explain to the other what they are looking at.

Go to and find out what the weather is like at the moment in the other’s city. Is that typical for this time of year?

Pop culture links

Arts and Language

Learn to pronounce your partner’s name.

Learn to count to ten in your partner’s language.

Learn a few words in the native language of your conversation partner

Discuss where your partner’s country ranks on these cultural measures:

The political systems in your country.

The various systems you live with:

  • Education
  • Political
  • Health care
  • Justice

Watch a video together and then discuss it.

Other topics

Cultural traditions and customs
Special holidays
Traditional food
Favorite pastimes: films, outings and other social functions
Culture shock
Current events
Places to visit
Family and social relations
Values and assumptions

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